Building better accessibility primitives

As the sites we build increasingly become more app-like it's important that the platform keep up and give component authors the tools they need to build »

Yeoman Polymer and Gulp

Finally managed to get v0.7 of the Polymer Yeoman generator out. This release includes Gulp support, BrowserSync, and a sweet little Material Design scaffold to »

Polycasts #09: Switching up content with core-pages

One very handy element in the Polymer ecosystem is the core-pages tag. It's a very simple element (it just toggles sections of content on and off »

Polycasts #08: Auto-binding templates in Polymer

Thinking in components is a great way to organize your application into well defined chunks. But there often comes a point where you've got a bunch »

Setting up Android Studio on Yosemite

I've set out to learn some of the Android framework this quarter, which means setting up Java and the lastest version of Android Studio. As it »