Testing AMD Backbone Modules

Continuing from yesterday's post I'm going to start to incorporate Backbone into my BDD setup. I'm going to use the Backbone Boilerplate and grunt-bbb to setup »

Backbone Events: Framework Communication

I want to figure out how to communicate on a framework level within Backbone. Coming from Flash and RobotLegs I'm used to a few MVC conventions »

Backbone Events: Adding Views to the DOM

Today I want to figure out what kind of events to use when one of my views is added to the DOM. This can have a »

How do you switch between views in Backbone

I'm going to try to approach some of my future articles as more of a question/answer setup so they don't turn into these sprawling tutorials. »

Exploring the Backbone Router and History API

I want to talk a bit more about the Backbone Router because I think it's one of the first pieces of the framework that people run »