Testing AMD Backbone Modules

Continuing from yesterday's post I'm going to start to incorporate Backbone into my BDD setup. I'm going to use the Backbone Boilerplate and grunt-bbb to setup »

Mocking Requests with Mocha, Chai and Sinon

After a bit of a rocky start yesterday I've finally got Mocha and Chai running in the browser which is great. Today I'd like to test »

Getting started with Mocha and Chai

Since I was previously doing so much RSpec I want to try to bring some of that over to my JavaScript work. Lately I've been working »

Object Oriented Scraper Backed with Tests Pt. 8

Yesterday's I refactored my specs and crawler to support ignoring selections. While I started parsing the metadata I quickly realized that certain bits were rather specific »

Object Oriented Scraper Backed with Tests Pt. 7

During my last post I realized that including my metadata in the blog post as only a ul meant that all the words were being scraped »