hubot rdio player

hubot. How on Earth did we exist without you? Really I feel like I can demarcate my life into two phases: the time before hubot, and »

Publish your Node library to npm

Alright, contuing from yesterday we want to take our little Node module and make it available to the world as a really awesome command line tool. »

How to Run a Node Script from the Command Line

This post is going to be short and sweet because I have to help my lady pack for her big trip to Germany. Over the past »

Building a Countdown Timer with pt. 3

Today's the day we wrap up our countdown timer and deploy it to Heroku. But before we launch this puppy we need to clean house a »

Building a Countdown Timer with pt. 2

Continuing from yesterday's post we started out with a rather crude timer and today I want to upgrade it to a full fledged model, Stopwatch, which »