Failing at Ruby

I'm just getting my ass kicked by Ruby tonight so I don't have much to show. Trying to just get my metadata scraping to output something »

Wrapping up the Word Count Spider

Yeesh, I gotta stop writing so late at night... Last night I was trying to get my spider to follow all the links on the blog's »

Quick Spider Example

require 'mechanize' # Create a new instance of Mechanize and grab our page agent = page = agent.get('') # Find all »

Crawling pages with Mechanize and Nokogiri

Short post tonight because I spent so much time figuring out the code. It's late and my brain is firing on about 1 cylinder so it »

Outputting JSON from Ruby

Last night I got the scraper to write an output.txt file which listed all the contents of words_by_selector. Today I want to make »