Repeating Templates in Polymer

I ran into a little issue this afternoon working with templates in Polymer and I wanted to quickly jot down my thoughts in case others bump »

Web Components Revolution

The slides from my talk and workshop titled Web Components Revolution are now live! Please be sure to view them using Chrome Canary and follow the »

Creating a Markdown Tag with Polymer

Ah Markdown... Such an amazing tool. I honestly would not be writing this blog post if Markdown did not exist. I tried many times to get »

The Art of Fear Blogging

Years ago I heard a radio story about a woman hopelessly addicted to cigarettes. Although she tried numerous times to quit, the temptation always won out. »

Shadow DOM: JavaScript

We're getting to a point where we've covered most of what there is to know about templates, imports and shadow DOM (1, 2, 3, 4). The »