Object Oriented Scraper Backed with Tests Pt. 7

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During my last post I realized that including my metadata in the blog post as only a ul meant that all the words were being scraped as part of the keyword frequency search. After thinking about it for a while I think I'm going to give the keyword search method an optional value which it can use to ignore or delete certain nodes.

Thankfully I have my tests in place to validate what our final output should look like. Which means I'm basically hacking away at Nokogiri to get things to pass. Here's what I finally settle on:

def words_by_selector(selector, ignored_selector = nil)
  node = nodes_by_selector(selector).first
  if ignored_selector
    ignored = node.css(ignored_selector)
  words = words_from_string(node.content)

  sorted = @counts.sort_by { |word, count| count }
  sorted.map { |word, count| "#{word}: #{count}"}

I think the code is pretty self explanatory. Moving on to the metadata we expect a Hash that looks like this:

  datetime: 2012-05-13T08:03:00-07:00,
  mood: ['Happy', 'Drowsy', 'Peaceful'],
  sleep: 5.5,
  hunger: 3.0,
  coffee: 0.0

As I'm playing back and forth with the metadata selector methods I'm realizing that writing non-brittle tests is extremely difficult!

I'm noticing that some of the metadata, when broken into Strings, don't parse very well. For instance:

Time: 8:03 splits up into ["Time", " 8", "03"]

We can use a splat operator to clean that up a bit for us:

def metadata_by_selector(selector)
  node = nodes_by_selector(selector).first
  metadata = {}
  node.children.each do |child|
    key, *value = child.content.split(':')
    puts "#{key}: #{value}"

The above should produce something like:

Time: [" 8", "03 am"]
Mood: [" Happy, Drowsy, Peaceful"]
Sleep: [" 5.5"]
Hunger: [" 3"]
Coffee: [" 0"]

Close... but still not perfect. I think the best thing to do would be to write some formatter objects or functions to handle the different kinds of metadata. We'll tackle that tomorrow.

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  • Mood: Fat, Tired, Drunk
  • Sleep: 6
  • Hunger: 0
  • Coffee: 1