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  1. Playing with Ruby Dates
  2. Ruby Objects and Dot Syntax
  3. D3.js and Octopress
  4. D3 Basics: An Introduction To Scales
  5. D3 Basics: The Linear Scale
  6. Building a Simple Scraper with Nokogiri in Ruby
  7. Pangrams in Ruby
  8. Hacking the PATH variable in Sublime Text
  9. Getting Familiar with Backbone Boilerplate
  10. Backbone Boilerplate: Playing with RequireJS
  11. My First Chain
  12. Some More Backbone.js Basics
  13. Exploring the Backbone Router and History API
  14. How do you switch between views in Backbone
  15. Backbone Events: Adding Views to the DOM
  16. Backbone Events: Framework Communication
  17. Getting started with Mocha and Chai
  18. Mocking Requests with Mocha, Chai and Sinon
  19. Testing AMD Backbone Modules
  20. Using jQuery Deferred to Load an Underscore Template
  21. How to use EJS in Express
  22. Make Your Own jQuery Deferreds and Promises
  23. Building a Countdown Timer with
  24. Building a Countdown Timer with pt. 2
  25. Building a Countdown Timer with pt. 3
  26. CSS Semantics: Best Practices
  27. Let's Talk SMACSS
  28. Writing a Command Line Tool in Ruby
  29. How To Write a Command Line Ruby Gem
  30. How to Run a Node Script from the Command Line
  31. Publish your Node library to npm
  32. Sublime Text 2 Tips and Shortcuts
  33. Sublime Snippet Basics
  34. Ending My First Chain

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